The man behind the camera



Photography chose Roderick, he didn't choose it.   Seven years ago, Roderick began exploring the world around him through the lens of a camera. After a few years, he realized that this “play” behind the lens had become much more.  He had ignited a passion for capturing those little (and big) moments in life.  Roderick began to realize that the photos he took turned the now into forever with the click of a shutter.  Over the course of the last seven years, Roderick has traveled the streets and skies, shooting anything and everything imaginable, in an effort to discover the complex- yet simple- art of photography. To date, Roderick has had opportunities ranging from memorializing life-changing events like weddings and child birth, to capturing smiling, curious faces of kids at camp, and everything in between.  Roderick truly appreciates the power of a photograph, and believes that the right image can tell a story beyond just one still frame.

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