Abandoned in Berlin

Recently, I found myself traveling Europe with some friends. One of my favorite days was in Berlin when we snuck in to Spreepark, an abandoned theme park in the Treptow-Kopenick district. Our long time friend and Hip Hop artist Mad Flows lives in Berlin and acted as our tour guide. It was a blazing hot day and beer bottles were permanently attached to our hands. As we approached the theme park, which is conveniently off a main path next to the river, it was pretty clear it would not be easy to enter without being noticed. After a few laps around the perimeter we found a decent spot to jump the fence and went for it. What we found in the confines of that park was utterly terrifying and somehow inspiring all at the same time. We spent a good 2 hours exploring every area and every ride we could find. There were water rides, a ferris wheel, roller coasters, etc. All of which have not been operating in over 15 years. Interesting enough we came to find out that this place used to a front for a huge cocaine operation. Not surprised? Me either. Anyway, if you are brave enough or enjoy the sketchier side of things, I would highly recommend checking this place out. Until then, peep my shots from our adventure.